Sponsored Driver - Terence Furey

An Introduction to our first Irish Driver!

Hey my names Terence Furey from Donegal, Ireland,

I have had a very keen interest in cars from quite a young age, but drifting was not one I was familiar with, my interest for drifting sparked when I bought myself my first bmw track car to have some fun with and at my first day out I ended up wining “best drifter” of the day,

After this day I was hooked, I know this sport was for me the.

I upgraded to a bmw e36 m3 to compete in an amateur drift series and managed to win the whole series outright.this leading to a foot in the door to showcase my talent in the Irish drift championship, but I knew I would need the right machine for the challenge so in 2018 I upgraded to a Nissan skyline rb25 with all the toys, and in 2019 I competed as a pro driver in the drift game’s championship but had gremlins with the rear end for the first two rounds but still managed to pull off 11th overall in the championship at the end.

So after giving the car a complete over haul and some tasty new parts were ready for action again. Buckle up!!


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  • IkhxTmsbM


  • ftQNPxcZXVMvAKwL


  • tPYEzDgON


  • tdiSgjvDhInBGKLQ


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