E60 M5 Silver Thermal Intake Sleeving (PAIR)
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E60 M5 Silver Thermal Intake Sleeving (PAIR)

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E60 M5 Silver Thermal Intake Sleeving (PAIR)

The V10 BMW e60 M5 is quite the beast yet shares the same tight engine bay as the rest of the 5 series range. This tight space creates little space for additional ducting and therefore creates a big heat management issue. As we all know, a cooler Air Intake Temperature (IAT) creates for a more reliable, smoother running and higher performing output. The Silver M5 Intake Sleeving is an easy install item onto standard applications, as well as our aftermarket M5 specific induction system (coming very soon).

The pair of intake sleeves sit snuggly around the intake between the airbox and the throttle body. Our specific sleeve has the perfect cut out to fit around the MAF sensor to protect from further performance sapping heat soak. With our easy to fit Velcro, anyone can make for easy fitting to their European Muscle Car! Not only is this a product that will provide the confidence you need for a healthy BMW e60 M5 but will also add that little extra inside the engine bay.

Thermal Protection Intake sleeving is a great accessory to harness more power from your M5 engine, whilst keep it running at its peak for more of the time!

Here at Funk Motorsport we know how important low intake temperatures are – that is why we have developed our very own Induction tube thermal barrier sleeve. By maintaining a lower intake temperature, this helps to provide cooler airflow to the cooling system and MAF sensor, leading to an increased ignition spark and higher output of energy from combustion!

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